Our Insurance Scheme

We ensure that the majority of risks are covered by one insurance package with a single renewal date to reduce the administrative burden on our members. Although we have a single renewal date, new members are welcome to join the scheme at any time.

Information about the insurances offered under our scheme can be found on the following pages however, should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Insurers

Our principal insurer is the Catholic National Mutual Ltd (‘CNM’). CNM was created in 1979 as a mutual insurance company to participate in the insurance of the property and liability risks of the Catholic Church in Scotland, England and Wales.

CNM is based in Guernsey and is fully regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

As the Catholic Church’s own insurance company, CNM offers Catholic organisations wide-ranging cover with generous limits and few policy conditions. CNM’s policyholders are also its shareholders, so premium payments made by Catholic organisations to CNM are retained within CNM and any profits are used for the benefit of, or are redistributed to, its members. This ensures that profits remain within the Catholic community rather than being diverted into the pockets of brokers or commercial shareholders.

The products and services of CNM are only available via the CCIA. Furthermore, our scheme policies often include extensions of cover unavailable in the commercial insurance market. We consider access to CNM and the concept of mutuality, or the common good, to be foremost among the reasons for choosing the CCIA’s scheme.