We appreciate that our members offer a wide range of services and are involved in a wide range of activities; they are also employers and are usually registered charities. This means that our members are subject to an ever increasing amount of legislation and regulation, and many of the risks which they face relate to legal issues and disputes.

Our members often require advice when encountering difficult situations in order to prevent disputes from arising, and support when claims are ongoing to understand and respond effectively to the legal process.

Kathy Perrin, CCIA’s in house solicitor, offers specialist legal advice and training to our members on a wide range of issues including charity law, safeguarding, data protection and personal injury claims.

At CCIA we often anticipate, or become aware of, emerging legal issues which could affect our members. We produce legal bulletins to alert members to such issues and to offer them guidance. Past bulletins are available to our members via the Members Area or by contacting us.