Our scheme’s Legal Expenses insurance provides cover against the legal costs incurred in pursuing or defending a legal action taken or brought against a member.

Areas covered under the policy include:

  • Contract
  • Employment
  • Prosecution
  • Property
  • Taxation
  • Data Protection
  • Statutory Licence
  • Personal Injury

Our members also have the benefit of a Legal Expenses helpline, which can offer guidance and assist in ensuring that any action taken does not leave members open to a claim.

Legal Expenses policies have very strict notification conditions; if you believe that you may need to make a claim under the legal expenses policy please contact us as soon as possible. Ideally this should be before you have taken action which may result in a claim, such as the dismissal of an employee.

In recognition of the increasing amount of legislation and regulation to which our members are subject and the fact that members often require advice to help prevent situations from becoming litigious, our in-house solicitor, Kathy Perrin, also offers legal advice to our members on a range of matters, details of which can be found on the Legal Advice page under the Services tab.