Risk management is the practice of identifying, assessing and mitigating risk. Good risk management is essential for all organisations and, particularly as our primary insurer is a mutual company, benefits all members of the CCIA insurance scheme by minimising claims.

Risk management is relevant to all aspects of our members’ activities and to all elements of the insurance scheme; from property maintenance and electrical testing, to the regular inspection of a site and proper planning of a parish event; from the regular updating of HR policies and health & safety procedures, to seeking appropriate advice when an employment issue arises. CCIA is always happy to give our members risk management advice, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to our ‘as you need it’ advice, throughout the year we also publish risk management information on current and emerging risk issues, which is available to our members via the Members Area of the website or by contacting us.

The Catholic National Mutual Ltd. is also keen to assist members to undertake effective risk management initiatives and, in response to the nationwide increase in metal thefts, CNM invested in ‘SmartWater’ to protect our members’ properties. SmartWater is a forensic product that can be applied to precious metals and valuables of buildings’ interiors or exteriors. The forensic coding allows marked products to be uniquely distinguishable from one another, enabling the police to link criminals back to a crime scene. Once discovered, SmartWater boasts a 100% conviction rate. SmartWater starter packs were issued to members in 2009; if packs have been mislaid replacements are available from CCIA at a discounted rate. Whilst it is hoped that such significant countrywide risks as this are not encountered often, CCIA seeks to provide solutions and assistance to our members wherever possible to help mitigate risks of all natures.